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Desperate Need for Dynamic Table/Grid Field

I have about 25 sites I want to move from Craft CMS over to Webflow. I am in desperate need of one key feature and wondering if there is any way to make this happen with a workaround. I need a way to build out dynamic grids or tables that clients can edit and add/remove rows. ‬I don’t care if the visually edit or edit in the CMS.

If I embed a HTML table, I know I can assign individual CMS values to cells, but how can I make it LOOP through rows and columns of undetermined quantity when populated by clients? For example:

Company Contact Country ACTION
Alfreds Futterkiste Maria Anders Germany EDIT DELETE
Centro comercial Moctezuma Francisco Chang Mexico EDIT DELETE
Ernst Handel Roland Mendel Austria EDIT DELETE
Island Trading Helen Bennett UK EDIT DELETE
Laughing Bacchus Winecellars Yoshi Tannamuri Canada EDIT DELETE
Magazzini Alimentari Riuniti Giovanni Rovelli Italy EDIT DELETE

This may seem minor but this feature is stopping the migration of many sites to Webflow. I need this easy for clients to edit within Editor if needed.

If there any way a bunch of us can contribute for a feature? Can we somehow pay Webflow directly to add a table field? I can’t believe Webflow does not have this already.

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Hey @bgarrant

I have something in mind, but I’m not sure you will find it useful.

Using the CMS to create something like a table is easy and clients can add new rows or edit the rows content through the editor.

See here >

Tell me what you think.

Piter :webflow_heart:

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That may be a workaround yes. An actual table field inside a collection item would be best since every item may have a table or two, but I am curious how you looped the collection data?

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Feel free to clone and explore here >

I will try it. Thanks. We really need to push more to get a table field though. It is needed for inside collection items. When you have say 50 products and each one with tables this way could get a bit crazy.

This works when you only need a table or two. I need a couple per CMS entry so it probably would
Not be user friendly for client editing.

It seems It would not be to difficult to add a simple Table field type where clients could edit within the Visual Editor. Just a simple table with the ability to add rows and columns.