How do you all handle Tabular Data?

When a client wants to input a few tables on a page of unknown amounts how is it best to handle that as we have no Table field? Collections won’t work as could have one table or 6 on any random pages that they need to display tabular data on.

What is best we can do in Webflow to allow clients to create and edit tabular data easily on pages or even collection pages?

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@bgarrant, my thought it with the new Grid 2.0 offering you would be able to create your own table system, where either the data can be entered by way of a form and rerouted through Zapier back into the collection. Or you can enter that data directly into the table by way of a collection in the editor. If it needs to have calculations added to it, like mathematical then that is where some JS code would come in handy. You could use an embed box and reference those particular fields within the code.

LMK, if you receive other tips. This would be good to know for another client of mine where they use tables for a lot of their online data.

These all sound hard for the editor when they need to add a table on the fly. We need a table field so badly in Webflow

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@bgarrant, unfortunately, adding a table on the fly is not feasible within the editor or adding anything outside of text, images, videos, or CMS data. To add a table would be like adding a new div block or grid tot he site. This can only be done within the designer.

Heck even adding custom code still goes through the designer.

If I come up with anything, Ill keep you in mind.

Almost every other CMS on the planet has a table field. I don’t understand why it is so hard to add it. It has only been on the wish list since 2016!

If we want Webflow to be able to be used on more than blogs and marketing sites we have to start getting some more advanced CMS fields and functions. I am getting tired of exporting sites and using a third party CMS for things like table fields.

@bgarrant, I believe most if not a few of these features will be coming out in the very near future. I say this, with the release of Grid 2.0. I know tables have been around for many years, but with Grid in Webflow, this should be much easier to add moving forward. However, it would still be restricted to the Designer section and not the editor, IMHO!

Hey Brandon! Any update on the roadmap for adding tables?


You can build your own table with Grid and the CMS. What specifics are you looking for?

Thanks for the reply, Brandon.

Looking for HTML tags and elements for tables. There are a lot of SEO advantages of using these tags/elements over divs.

@William_Gendron - Is the issue one of how to build an html table that can be embedded via a code embed? Is so there are tools like you can use. It would be nice if WF supported them but I personally don’t ever see this happening.

The problem with embedding code is responsiveness. It’s near impossible to get it right across devices with embeds (not being an iframe or script) and with an iframe or script, the table data is useless for SEO.

At this rate, I do not see this happening any time soon, but tables are so common I can’t imagine WF just ignoring them.

Have you tried using Airtable and the embed feature? Converts rows to blocks stacked on mobile. You can influence the layout via choices. You get your tabular data and an easy way to maintain it. The free plan works for almost ever scenario I come across.

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