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Table Field alternatives?

Any suggestions on an easy way to move this site to Webflow? I have several pages with inline tables and I know we do not have that as a fieldtype in Webflow. Any suggestions that would still allow the client to edit? I know I can use separate collections for each table, but that is hard when you have many tables on same page. Just not a good workflow.

Any other ideas? Any better way to lay it out?


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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You should look at as an option.

Also when you say “easy way to move this site to Webflow?” it is helpful to provide a link.

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Sorry the site is at It is built with Craft but not happy with the CMS and all the updating, Git, DB export/import, etc.

Looking for a way for clients top have tables where needed.

Here is a use case just for you.

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