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Ability to create insert a table in the Rich Text Editor


I would really love this feature and I think many others would too.

I need it for product pages on an ecommerce site I’ve built. I want to build a simple table where I can list different product variants and their features.

The idea is that there would be a table button in the same pop up as the image, video, embedly, and lists. You could click this and the a table would appear - and the user would be able to add and remove rows and columns. And maybe assign a header row.

Currently, inserting a table into a page can be achieved with the CMS using divs but it’s incredibly cumbersome and inefficient. Also, divs don’t work nearly as well as tables for this purpose - one can let the width of a table cell adjust automatically and all the cells in that column will auto adjust to that size whereas with divs, one needs to set the width otherwise none of the “columns” of this “div table” will align.

I’d love to hear from a member of the Webflow staff on this - if it’s on the roadmap? Or do I need to find some alternative solution?

Thanks in advance.