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Webflow crashes constantly

I’ve been using Webflow for over 2 years now. Since last week Webflow has started to act very strange. It crashes very frequently (several times an hour). I’ve tried using 3 different computers on different networks, I’ve cleared my cache and I’ve gotten rid of my chrome extensions. I’ve even tried to run it in incognito mode and nothing helps.

After looking into it some more I realized that every time I change something in the designer it eats up memory. Once chrome reaches around 4GB my CPU goes to 100% and the site crashes. I have plenty of RAM, so I’m not sure why this is even an issue, but it’s happening every time. I don’t have any other tabs open.

What this means is that I constantly have to monitor my system resources and if my memory goes above 3GB for chrome I have to refresh the page to avoid this issue.

On top of that there are some other strange things happening. If I click on some styled elements, webflow will say that it’s a different color than it actually is. For instance, webflow will say a box is red, even though it’s actually grey.

If anyone has any idea why this is happening, I’ll be curious to hear.

  • Kim

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