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App crash with grey screen

I am experiencing some odd behaviour, crashing and screen flashing when moving from designer into preview. Thought it as something to do with re-using animations. Preview is loading missing elements, flashing, then crashing.

Hi Waldo,

Any news on your side regarding the problems.

I have only tried for a few minutes on private browsing in Safari so far no problem but I will need to use a bit longer to make sure.

Unfortunately still the same story in normal browsing. it sometimes happens 3-4 times within an hour



Hi @MattNZ, @DharmaNode, @simon_l,

Te team is currently investigating the issue - at the moment we still don’t have an update, however rest assured that we are prioritizing a solution and we’ll update this thread as soon as we have an update.

Thanks in advance for your patience.

I’ve noticed this bug, it happened to me by:

  • Open up a Symbol Element
  • Select an element in the symbol
  • Hit ‘Esc’

Have to reload the page to get the UI back.

Hi @danwilko @MattNZ @johnsherwin @simon_l @DharmaNode @bdahle — got a quick update for you.

The team was able to isolate the issue and we’re super close to deploying a fix. We are currently going through some rounds of QA to make sure all is good, but we should be able to deploy soon.

Thanks for your patience so far! :bowing_man:


Hi @danwilko @MattNZ @johnsherwin @simon_l @DharmaNode @bdahle

The update we created is live now. It should address some of the performance issues.

Can you please try logging out of Webflow, then completely close Chrome, and log back into Webflow with one Chrome tab open? Then try opening the project that was crashing.

If the issue persists for you it’s likely not all related to one main issue, but rather related to each individual project. Our team is happy to take a closer look at each of these instances, but in order to so can you please reach out to us directly using this form:

In the body of the submission, can you also please mention this forum post thread? This will help our team accurately track each individual instance.

Thanks so much and standing by for your confirmation that the issue is resolved, or your emails if it’s not.


Sure, will do. I haven’t had any issues yet but will report if I come across it again.

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Bonjour tout le monde, moi aussi je rencontre ce problème. Je travaille sur Mac sur Chrome et peu importe l’action passage de la grille à l’état normal, passage parfois d’une section à une autre il me semble qu’il n’y a pas de logique…

bonjour, lorsque j’ajoute une ligne à ma gille l’écran devient gris…

Hi, just letting you know I am still experiencing the same crashes, not as often, once while working last night and once this morning so far.

Could this have something to do with interactions? It seems to happen when I am working on them, often having to log out and re-open so that I can bind interactions to elements. At the moment I am working on one and the ‘play’ interaction to preview it is not working. You had said that you had isolated the problem but didn’t provide information about what the issue was before?

Non quand je travaille sur la grille, que je change les intitulés des formulaires, bref pas de cas précis de mon côté.


Thanks for letting me know. If the issue is persisting, can you please contact us directly?

@Olivier_Gaudin I used Google translate and it sounds like the Designer’s crashing for you as well. Can you also please send us a direct email through that form?

​Thanks in advance.

I second this one, Just happened to me as well. Was not in interactions at the time but had been working on them a second prior to it occuring

This just happened to me, too, after the app started moving reeeally slooooowly … Don’t know how much I’ve lost at this point.

Bonjour Brando ! Merci pour votre réactivité. Je test depuis hier à réception de votre message et…oh MIRACLE ! Merci donc. En effet en navigation privée plus de problème. Merci

@Brando there are a bunch of people reporting this issue…are individual contact form submissions really necessary? it’s obvious this is a widespread issue.

here is another thread with folks reporting the same issue:

Hi @dapitts08 @Olivier_Gaudin @adiggy @billvdh @johnsherwin @danwilko @MattNZ @simon_l @DharmaNode @bdahle

Thanks again for your patience and helping us isolate this issue.

Our Performance Team was able to identify and create a fix for a memory issues that was likely the main issue here.

To ensure you have the latest build, can you please log out of Webflow, completely close your browser, then reopen 1 tab and log back in? From here you can open the project that has been slow or crashing and test the performance.

We tested on this end with an affected site and the update resolved the issue. ​Please let me know if this solves the problem on your end. :bowing_man:

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