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Designer operates slow and glitchy

Hi @Sanderhoff

Thanks for making a video and sharing that behavior.

I shared this with the performance team and we’ll use that info as we make more updates in the future. However, the behavior in the video would likely happen over the course of a longer period of time which most likely wouldn’t result in a crash.

If you click around the Designer and make edits to a project at an average pace (i.e. style changes, adding or changing interactions, etc), are you seeing a slow down or crash?

I agree that the scenario in this video is quite unusual. I do think, however, that webflow is still likely to crash if someone had to rearrange elements inside of a large grid. Since you can’t rearrange rows inside the grid, you would have to move elements one by one which causes the same issues as in the video. But as long as it’s only happening when using a large grid, it’s not an urgent matter.

I’m not sure if duration of the period has any influence though, but I will let you know how it goes :slight_smile:

Btw, the video I posted was actually sped up quite a bit. I was moving the element at a normal pace.

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the video I posted was actually sped up quite a bit. I was moving the element at a normal pace.

Ah good to know! I mentioned this to the Performance team. We are definitely going to continue focusing efforts on improving the performance of the Designer for large sites / large grids like this :slight_smile: Thanks for you help, @Sanderhoff!

Hi @Brando,
Im also experiencing performance issues and eventual crashing of my browser. Im getting about 40mins of work before the designer becomes really unresponsive and sometimes just simple things like adding padding lags (or anything really) by about 6 seconds.

Using Version 69.0.3497.100 (Official Build) (64-bit) of Chrome on macos Mojave

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Thanks for letting me know — sorry to hear about the trouble. Can you share a Read-Only link? If you can’t share publicly, can you send it here with a reference to this forum thread?


Same for me: very slow.
I have the issue when updating or creating new articles in CMS both in designer and editor so nothing to do with building pages;

It seems that the problem is worse when working in private mode.

I don’t have the 4gb issue but the memory gets above 1 gb.

The simple fact of just adding one letter in one word gets the CPU to the 70%.

The issue starting to start around when I updated the last chrome release back 1 - 2 weeks ago.

IT REALLY PAINFULL; I was getting to produce a page this morning, and I am still working at the first paragraph at lunch time trying to understand what’s going on

I forgot to mention
chrome Version 70.0.3538.77 (Build officiel) (64 bits)
and website read only

perhaps found one cause.

When a youtube video is inserted in a CMS field, I have a popup message at bottom left showing

waiting for alternatvely with waiting for

and waiting for

is there a new type of spying on us?

This has been happening to me for the last 2+ weeks. Works great for an hour and then every 30 minutes after (or less) I get the “oh snap” forced refresh message and lose the most recent thing i was working on…I use Webflow all day every day, and this is beyond frustrating. Worked great for the 3+ years prior.

Just happened to me again also - “Aw snap” error page in google chrome

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