Design GUI Freezing


Starting around mid-day yesterday and continuing today Webflow keeps intermittently freezing whilst in the design interface. I have to close the window and restart webflow to continue. I have an iMac retina and use the latest version of Chrome. I have been using Webflow for years now without this ever happening before. Is anyone else having this problem at the moment?

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I’ve been noticing weird issues as well.

Past 2 days.

Have been seeing a lot of these today.

Still trying to figure out its my computer, the browser, or webflow.

But it seems to only happen when the webflow design is loaded.

Yes i’ve seen this also the last couple day, specialy happens for me that the color picker freezes and then i have to reopen the designer compleetly,
Im normaly just go back to the dashboard and reopen the designer that seems to fix it.

Hey everyone, could you please help us by letting us know your exact browser version (E.g. Chrome, Chrome Canary, Safari, etc)? Also, is this happening across all your projects, or only specific ones? Does Webflow freeze when you’re creating a new test project?

We haven’t made any major changes this week, but we’re investigating whether something might have caused this, including potential browser updates/changes.


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@Joscreative Are you referring to the new color picker extension or just the standard Webflow color panel?

I noticed this starting yesterday.

Mac Mini i7 16GB
Chrome Version 45.0.2454.85 (64-bit)

Browser will become non-responsive.
Will not accept mouse or keyboard input.
Sometime the Chrome Kill message will appear.


Have also noticed another issue on a Windows 10 development desktop running Chrome.

Entire Chrome window will “turn black”. Nothing in window - except black.

Cannot kill window either. Shutdown stops at Chrome… and cannot continue.
Manual - hard shut down required.

I’m guessing this one is a Chrome issue though.


Yesterday… the designer completely trashed my of my active projects.

Displayed a message stating multiple pages had the same slug.

When I went to retrieve a backup… there were no backups available.

How can you create more than 1 page with the same slug. Why were there no backups ?

I was lucky that I had recently duplicated the project… to base-line a demo for a client (this is one that failed to open)…
and still continue working.

@callmevlad First time im hearing about the color picker extention!, so refering to the normal webflow color panel.

Im running on Chrome version 44.0.2403.157 (64 bit) and im using windows 10. (yes i know! but no apple money :stuck_out_tongue: )

I posted about the Webflow designer becoming extremely sluggish for me over the past two days. Every action I made had me wait more than 30 seconds for a response. Question for any of you having this problem: Do you have Adobe Typekit active on the site you are working on?

See my post and the thread from yesterday: Sluggish Operations

+1 I’m having the same issues.

Chrome Version 45.0.2454.85 (64-bit) on OS X 10.10.5

I’m seeing it in an older project that’s been in the works for some months. It’s not constant, but it’s happening every few hours. Usually sorts itself out by waiting.

This same project started having problems with the border styles. Whenever I change a border color it will reset the size to 1px. I wasn’t able to reproduce it in a new project.

negative. no adobe typekit…

I am using typekit without issues.

I’ve been experiencing this issue too for the past couple of days. I would be editing text, and then the screen freezes. Refreshing the page doesn’t help. I had to close the tab and open a new one. It’s been very annoying.

Browser: Chrome Version 45.0.2454.85 (64-bit)

Hi @annie and others, sorry for the trouble with the UI freezing at times. The issue is still under investigation. As soon as there is an update, it will be posted here.

@annie, What operating system are you on? Has the issue been happening for you in all site projects, or a single site?

The information is appreciated and is helping a lot in the checking on this issue. Thanks very much.

Hey @cyberdave

I’m on Yosemite 10.10.4.

As far as I can tell, the issue is only happening on one of my sites.


Version 45.0.2454.85 (64-bit)

10.10.5 Yosemite / Retina mid-2015

Browser will become non-responsive and come back after some seconds and not accept mouse or keyboard input.
Sometimes the Chrome Kill message will appear after it comes back to normal.

A message keeps coming to contact support when publishing the project.

I think these 2 post are related… as well as several other posts I’ve previously created.

Browser will freeze in both situations.

Sometimes the browser kill dialog will appear.

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I’m still getting bad freezes. Seems like whenever I switch tabs or apps it happens.

Lets figure this one out together. :smiley:

  • Is it a Adobe TypeKit issue?
  • Is it a Chrome extension issue?
  • Is this happening across all of your Webflow projects?

Hey all, if you’re experiencing this repeatedly, we need your help. Can you install Chrome Canary, the bleeding edge version of Chrome, and see if you can also reproduce it there as well? You can run both browsers side-by-side, so it won’t replace the Stable/main version.

We have a sense that it could be related to a recent Chrome update (v45.0), and trying to nail down exactly what is causing it since it seems to be intermittent and site-specific.

Thanks for your help!