Browser Freeze Issue

Here’s the “browser freeze” issue in-process.

I capture video… and the browser profile.

Notice that I cannot click on anything… except when I eventually move the cursor over the top right menu items…
Home / About / Contact

the cursor changes from a finger / arrow to an I bar.

Even though the cursor changed… I could not select or do anything.

The issue ended when when I realized I could right-click and I selected view source

I tried to attach the cpu profile… but the forum would not let me. (unauthorized file type).

Will send pm instead.

@thesergie, @thewonglv, @brryant, @cyberdave, @callmevlad

Sorry about that freezing issue :confused:

I’m happy to help :smile:

Can you give me the read-only link please?

I sent vlad a message about the browser profile.

I don’t think this was a project based issue.

If you see the video… you’ll see there are very elements on the screen.

Literally… I had started a new project… dropped a menu onto the screen

and a section.

Nothing else. Then the browser froze until I right-clicked.

Sometimes when this has happened in the past… the browser kill message will appear.

I think this post / issue is related to this

and several others posts I’ve previously created.

Here it is again.

Chrome - Version 45.0.2454.85 (64-bit)

Designer stops responding to all (Designer) mouse clicks

  • but still accepts right clicks on Designer stage and left clicks on Browser menu options.

Seems to correct itself when browser window is right-clicked.

In above cpuprofile… I clicked on every option in the designer. Nothing responded.

*** When I select the Dashboard option… the tab spinning wheel appeared then disappeared.

After more clicking - I right-clicked and selected View Source.

View Source window opens… I immediately close it…

and all the sudden - I am not in the Designer. I am at the Dashboard.

It’s as if

  • when I clicked on the Dashboard option (*** above)
  • I was taken to the dashboard
  • but the screen didn’t refresh to show the dashboard

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