Definitive guide to copying template elements into *existing website*

Hello Webflowers,

I was wondering if anyone could help me write a short list of things to ‘check off’ when copying a cloneable template into a blank page in your existing site. I see so many people asking this question (who want to quite reasonably combine multiple templates into their site), but there doesn’t seem to be a definitive answer out there. To be clear, I don’t mean simply ‘cloning’ a template, but actually copying specific elements (or the template proper) and pasting them into a blank page. There’s so little out there on this that part of me even questions whether or not it is even possible for some templates(?)

It would be great if we could create a list for beginners, like me, in the community, to help. I understand that oftentimes you need to copy over any custom code / html code editor, global styles, import the CMS, unbind the original CMS, then rebind it later, copy in a div block, etc, but I feel like there may be things I’m missing which could be crucial.

For example, say someone wanted to copy this template into an empty page (as opposed to cloning it) - what specific steps would you advise that they take? (I chose this as it has a challenging mixture of classes, IDs, custom code in project settings, page settings and embeds.

Thanks in advance! - I’m more than happy to take some time to turn this into an easy to process guide, I’m just not quite sure what I would need to include as of yet, as still in the relatively early stages of webflow.