What would be the easiest way to copy and paste?

I have an A-Z index of a ton of links on our site that I would like to copy and paste into a new template in a webflow template. When I copy and paste this into any of the element types it just comes in as plain text. I don’t mind going in one by one and inserting the hyperlink but this is just too many. Is there an easier way?

Here is a link to the mega list of links

and here is a link to the template I am trying to insert to.

Well not sure how to delete this post asking for help but somehow I deleted the wrong test site :frowning:

Oh well I guess I will have to recreate and ask this question again later!

Hey @tedserwebflow I’m sorry that no one responded to your post! :frowning:

With how HTML works, you have to have the content and then the link wrapper around that content. Even if it’s just text.

<a href="www.website.com">This is a link</a> 

And on the page you’re referring to, all of those links are set as List Items in a several Unordered Lists. So unfortunately there isn’t an easy way to copy & paste the links.

My recommendation is to have someone compile the links & the corresponding link names into an excel sheet so it’s easy for you to go and copy them and link them within a Rich Text element. Where you can type the link name, highlight the text and then add the link. (Might be able to get someone to do this on fiverr)
Or you can swap back and forth between tabs of having the site & webflow designer open, copy & pasting links but that can get quite confusing. Spread sheets make links easier to copy from in my opinion. :slight_smile:

Have strength, listen to some awesome music, watch some funny cat videos and you can get through it. :slight_smile:

Please let me know if you have any other questions in the future, feel free to tag me @Waldo :smiley:

Hey @Waldo

Thanks for the reply. You had me laughing with the funny cat video comment. :smile:

Ok well at least I now know I am not missing the obvious like I usually do. I did try pasting the code into an embed widget and it sorta worked but like you say I couldn’t figure out how to then style it through webflow. I wish there was a way to stick in general HTML that you want to style using webflow but I guess not.

Thanks, Eloine

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I’ve never heard of fiverr. I just checked it out. Do people really do all that work for only $5!! Wow - how can anyone make a living off of that. They must be really fast!

Ooooh, you could actually use the HTML! :slight_smile:

Just style your lists and list items, and then you can just copy the html source and paste everything in. Great thinking! :smiley:

I can walk you through that later if you’d like? :slight_smile:

Basically style the global list and list items and then you can copy and paste these long lists into an html embed on a page. Updating them will be a bear though comparatively to doing it natively in Webflow.

P.S. Cat videos are hilarious and a must haha

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