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Combining two templates

I need the instructions for HOW to combine some features from two different templates into one website. I am not a developer. I know some coding, but appreciate Webflow for its user-friendly interface. That said, it does not seem to allow me easily copy and paste a page from one template to another. (obviously, I have purchased both templates). Does anyone have a tutorial or step-by-steps for me? GREATLY APPRECIATED!

(just so it’s understood that I searched for the answer thoroughly and the item below did not help my situation)

In March '14, a question was posted by someone about coming two templates. It said: can anyone tell me if we can combine two templates in one? Or webflow is actually only for one page scroll pages?

The answer from a WEBFLOW STAFFER said: You can make many templates in webflow. Webflow goes beyond the one-page type marketing landing pages. You can make child pages.

From my understanding you cannot copy/paste elements from one site to another site. You can copy/paste elements between pages within the same site.

What I’ve had to do is open both sites into designer mode, and look at how the element you would like to copy is structured. Then reverse engineer with the second site.

thank you gksargent. that’s kind of what i’ve been doing, but it’s not easy.

if anyone else has found a way to combine two templates, please chime in.

There’s not a way to merge the two sites. Unfortunately, the solution that @gksargent said above is your only option.

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Yeah at the moment you can’t copy paste elements/styles across different Webflow projects. We’re working on some real deep infrastructure changes to make this possible but it’s going to take some work.


THANK YOU all for your replies. I appreciate the definitive answer. It would be great if one day we could “drag and drop” different pre-made components - like we do with the individual page elements now. Anyway, I know you guys at Webflow will keep taking this remarkable program to the next level. Thanks again.


I would love that, to be able to merge different projects. Thanks for the good work to get there!

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So my question is can I use an entire template as a page in another template?

@tomtrauberman No, this feature is not available yet. And templates are for one time use only.

Does the one time use rule also apply to free templates?

@tomtrauberman No, only to paid templates.

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