Creating a template site and/or component library for clients

Hi there,

I teach people how to build meditation coaching businesses. I’m creating a template site for my students so they can have a fully optimized site right out of the box that they only need to make minor tweaks to like text, images, etc. to get up and running.

I really have a lot of questions related to template implementation / cloneables - as I am trying to figure out the best way to deliver this product to my students to make it as easy as possible for them.

I don’t know if this community works like this, but if I would really like to connect with someone directly who has intimate knowledge of templates, cloneables, and any custom code that may be needed to make sure transfers between template sites & existing sites happen smoothly.

I don’t think it would be useful for me to post my questions here as there are quite a few…

but if anyone would like to be hired as a consultant on this project, I would be greatly appreciative if you would reach out.

Not sure if this happens on this form, but I would love to set up a meeting with someone who is an expert in this area of webflow ASAP.

Thank you!

  • Hunter