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Easier way to copy and paste template elements?

I’ve purchased and downloaded a number of Webflow templates. I’m trying to mix and match some components that I like into one page. Is there a way to copy and paste these components into one master template?

I am afraid no, not at all.

You can just have two instances of webflow open and mimic the styles in the other instance of the element you want to copy. Takes more time, but is the only way to do it.

I’m a noobie front end developer. So in order to mimic the interactions do I need to just click on each element and write down what I see for each interaction? Then do the same in my new build? That’s what I’ve been doing so far but it’s a pain.

Yes, or rather “read” the interaction to understand the principles and recreate it in your site. We all know it’s a bit tedious, but it’s like that for the time being.

Hi @joe_in_brooklyn, until we have ability to copy paste between sites, another thing you can do is to duplicate your site that has the interactions and then start from there, updating the styles and layout.

If you have some extra time, please share your thoughts on this here: Copying design elements across from my other webflow designs


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