Dashboard not loading & Editor login out

Hi everyone,

Been having a few problems over the last couple of days. I get onto the Webflow website (also forum) but when I click on Dashboard, it doesn’t load. I have tried a few browsers and same issue. Is anyone else experiencing this at the moment?

Sometimes I can access the dashboard after about 20 minutes. I work away for a bit then suddenly the editor becomes very slow, then stops and the page refreshes by itself and I get an error message (Server can’t be reached).

I can’t see anyone talking about this so I’m wondering if these issues are coming from side or not.

The screenshot below is the dashboard not loading in Chrome

This screenshot is the editor not loading in Safari

Stangely enough the editor will load in Firefox which is not yet supported.


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Hi @Jake

Can you provide the Bugs team with the browser versions you are seeing this on - a great way to do that is www.whatsmybrowser.com

Also, is this happening in the ‘incognito’ modes? Sometimes installed extensions can cause issues…

Hi @StuM,

Thanks for your reply!

Chrome version is: Chrome 67 on macOS (High Sierra)
Safari version is: Safari 11.1 on macOS (High Sierra)

No haven’t tried in incognito mode but the issue also arises in safari where there no plugins.

Hi @Jake

Thanks for posting — are you still seeing this behavior? If so can you please try the following:

The console screenshot is especially helpful to determine what is causing this issue for you.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Brando,

Last few days it is has been ok but as soon as it happens again I’ll send over a screen shot.

Thanks for your help.

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Thanks for letting me know @Jake. I’ll mark this one as resolved for now, but please do let us know if you run into the behavior again.

HI @Brando

So the problem is back! See below some screen shots with the console. The problem is happening is Chrome both normal and Incognito, and in Safari.

As you can see in all 3 screen shots, it is stuck in loading and nothing displays in the console. I have also tried deactivating all exgtensions but same!

Hi @Jake

Thanks so much for replying to this thread and providing those screenshots.

I’ve reported the issue to the team and we will take a deeper look into this. A few questions for you:

  • Does refreshing fix the issue, or is there no way to get past these loading screens?
  • Can you reproduce the issue on a different machine and network connection?

Thanks in advance!

hi @Brando,

Thanks for the update. Refreshing changes nothing at all. Just seems like the issue goes away after about 15 / 20 minutes. I’m using the latest MacBook Pro and tried on a Mac Air and had the same issue.

Really no idea where the problem could be coming from. Could it be our internet provider?

Hi @Jake

That’s definitely odd, but I could definitely see this behavior being caused by intranet limitations, firewall, or, vpn. We’ve seen a couple of instances where there are issues loading Webflow due to these sort of internal setups.

Were you able to see this issue on a different network connection?

hi @Brando,

Yeah happens both at the office and at home. So not an issue firewalls and VPNs are 100% switched off. What’s weird is that it doesn’t always happen. I sometimes won;t have issues for a week or two then for a couple of days it take 20 to minutes for webflow to load (while other sites are fine).

It’s very weird anyway. It definitly hasn’t stopped me from enjoying webflow and building some great new sites with it.

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Hi @Jake

Thanks for the extra information – I’ll be sure to pass that along to the team. Super weird that it happens intermittently like this.

I’m happy to hear you’re still able to enjoy the tool and build some great sites!

I’ll post back here when I have new information for you. :bowing_man:

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