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Slow speeds in Dashboard and Designer


When I’m logging into Webflow, it hangs for ages - like 40 or 50 seconds for the page to load and when the dashboard does load none of my sites are visible.

all other websites are working fine so it’s not a connection issue

Hi @Diarmuid_Sexton

Thanks for posting about this. I broke this off into a new topic as this seems unrelated and localized to UK customers.

Can you check to see if there are any console errors when you experience these slow load times and grab a screenshot of them?

​Thanks in advance!

ok. here’s a screenshot of the console log. it’s been loading for at least a minute now.


After checking with the team there doesn’t seem to be any issues on our end. But it does look like there are other services affected by this issue. Netflix is having similar outages:

Edit: Seems like there might be some internet backbone issues in western EU right now

ok. thanks for the info. i guess i’ll just call it a day and hope it’s right in the morning!

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A load of people in the UK and Ireland are online complaining about Netflix and the Playstation Network too. General internet here seems a bit slow, but Webflow seems to be OK here.

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That must have been the cause of my problems then. I didn’t have a problem with any other website here (in the Netherlands) so this seems to show that for us here it’s of no advantage to be dependent on American servers

Yes it’s here again: problems with the network in the designer, it is difficult to work in the designer because of recurring network problems. Has nothing to do with our local network, everything else works fine and fast. What’s going on? @Brando

Hi @TomLamers

Thanks for pinging me. I’m not seeing any performance issues on this end, but that definitely sounds weird.

Can you contact us here with more information? Then we can take a look at your site / account to see what’s going on.

​Thanks in advance!

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