Adding Customer Reviews to eCommerce Site

I am trying to find a way to show customer reviews for my products on each product page.
Is there a simple way to do this or is there some sort of third-party/ custom code I can implement?

If not,
I really hope that something like this can be added to Webflow eCommerce soon as it is a deal breaker.

Any help would be appreciated!
Thank you!

Yes you can build that rather easily.

I do something similar to this for Google & Facebook reviews. New reviews are captured using Zapier / Make and then pushed into the Webflow CMS. These are published on the website, complete with a star rating.

Here’s an example;

In your case, if you’re wanting to capture the reviews on your site, you can setup a form with the selected product, etc., and then use Make to post that back to your CMS in the same way.

If you want it, the SVG star rating component is here-