Basic Hosting has no option for client editing?

I could be wrong, but I just signed up a customer for basic hosting and have now discovered he can’t edit his website, only me? What is the point of having the editor on this plan if only I can use it? What would be the point of that?

Basic hosting with an editor should be available to the client. My client doesn’t need CMS, it’s just a one page website he wants to change the pictures on now and then. Why should he have to pay for CMS hosting for that basic functionality? Very disappointing.


I never realized you could use the Editor for static websites.

however, it’s indicated in the plans comparison: Editors roles start with CMS hosting only.

I’m in the same boat as Michael. Its a bummer when a client can’t even get access to their form entries let alone the basic features of the Editor(yes I know they get a whoop-de-doo email notification). RE-THINK YOUR HOSTING PLAN STRUCTURE…I beg of you.

The basic hosting should have access to form data and the editor. (1 Editor)
Mid tier should be access to collections (up to 5 Editors)
Max Tier should have access to basic Ecomm (unlimited editors)

In the design world we say “Less is more” for a reason.


oh man… i just found this out. And i’m shocked and annoyed.
(here follows a little rant… ;))

I just sold webflow hosting to two clients. Telling them that it costs 12 dollars a month without cms. Because they don’t need the CMS.
What to do now??

Manny people complain about the price of webflow hosting. I don’t. You get a lot compared to basic hosting at a hosting company.


What kind op product is the basis site hosting tier of 12 dollars if i does not give a client a way to change things without a designer/developer? All a of sudden webflow becomes a product that let’s you tell your client: no… i need to do every litttle edit on your site. Always.

Is it really not possible to add one (1) editor to the basic site hosting tier. I am really looking in to ways to transfer my site to other systems… but I don’t want that. There is a reason I use Webflow.

I would love to hear something from somebody from the webflow staff abou this… @Brando ?


I think there may be some confusion on this thread. CMS stands for Content Management System, and is exactly that. The ability for a client to edit content themselves. This is separate from collections and dynamic data. If the client needs to edit anything themselves, then they DO need a CMS.

Even giving 1 client access to the editor is technically a CMS (content management system), and this is what Webflow does with their CMS hosting. Basic hosting is pretty much only for when it’s your own website, or the client truly never wants to edit one single thing themselves.

As for the difference tiers, I of course cannot speak to that, but I would assume Webflow has done their fair share of market research to come up with their current model.

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I get your point. And of course Webflow did their research to come up with the current model.

And I also get the technical meaning of a content management system.
But in their pricing information Webflow speaks about CMS items, and separately about the content editor. So it’s not strange to assume that there is the CMS (collection list etc.) and there is the content editor.

But I guess Webflow wants to push every site that is for a client to the CMS tier. Because selling 12 dollars a month for a simple one pager, without the ability to change a simple paragraph of text is not something i can sell to a client. Even tough i’m aware of all the benefits like a CDN, chaching, no manual (plugin) updates etc.

I hope this doesn’t come across as bitching about webflow or the pricing in general. I love Webflow, this thing just didn’t make sense to me.