Custom Domain "Issue Detected - remove AAAA record..."

Hi Everyone!

I’ve configured a custom domain a few hours ago and still getting the “issue detected” due to some “AAAA” records that don’t exist actually on my domain provider…

As usual, I’ve set the 2 “@” records (removed any other root domain) and “www” CNAME but can’t get it working. There is a bunch a subdomains “”, normally I don’t have to modify them.

I used to do it without any issue, up & running within a couple of minutes but something is going wrong for this one, can’t understand on which side…

If anyone encountered the same kind of situation, would be nice to share how you solved it.
Thank you!

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If you have set the 2 A records and the WWW cname
You should be fine.
Dont forget to republish and set the www to default.

Give it a couple of hours

2 days and still same situation :triumph:

Btw do I need to remove all the existing sub domains and host them all on webflow :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

No. do you have a print screen of your DNS setting