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Custom domain "issues detected"

Hi everybody,

I have warnings in custom domain section saying “issues detected” on both the www and the non www. The thing is that everything works fine. But I am confused why it appears like this and if causes any issues?

I bought the domain name from godaddy and email accounts from another platform. Since adding the name servers of the email provider to the DNS of godaddy it started showing like this.
It asks me to add some settings in godaddy but I can’t since I cannot add any records to the DNS of godaddy since its connected to the other provider.

Would appreciate any help. Either a private message so a can sent screenshots of the problem.


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Webflow have done changes to the ip for root donans.
Change the 2 A records to the new iPs shown in Webflow

It will take a couple of hours before the change will be propegated in the DNS

Yes but where should I change them? I can’t do it in godaddy from where I bought the domain.

You have a dns service somewhere, probably where you baught the domain. That’s the place to change the ip

I bought email accounts from another provider and I had to connect the email to the godaddy DNS. Since adding the email it shows the above image I attached.

Ok, the you have moved the dns elsewhere. Who helped you with the mail records? They know where to find your dns

They helped me from the email provider to setup my email.
So basically now I have to add the in the DNS of the provider of the email?

Yes, it sounds that they have moved the dns to them

Ok. thanks. I will try and contact them.