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Custom Domain DNS Problem

Hi Guys,
i have an issue with a custom domain in webflow.
My provider doesnt have the ability to mention to A Records in the DNS settings. Also its not possible to set a CNAME. Is there any other solution to set the DNS?
Thanks in advnace
Best Paul

That sound very strange. an A record is a mujst in a DNS? Any explenatio?

I have a A record but i can only set one. And to set up the custom domain in webflow i need to set two A Records or is one enough and if so which one is the right one?
Thanks for your answer

You can use 1 BUT if you can’t set the CNAME SSL will not work. I have never heard about a DNS provider that will not allow you to set more then one A record or enter a CNAME. I suggest you change your DNS provider

I cant change the DNS Provider since its the clients hoster and they want to stick to them.
Which one of the two should I use for the A Record?

Im i correct that you can’t set a CNAME record?

If you cant set the CNAME record i don’t thing this will work

Who is your provider?

@Noah-R I have my own DNS’s servers. But there are many out there depending on wich country you are from

Lol, I was asking @Paul_Kirschvink because he is having the issue. Curious what company it is.

Its Strato a German Provider dont now if you ever heard of them?

Ok, so what I would do is transfer your domain to GoDaddy.

The Problem is that the client doesnt want to change the hoster. Since they have all their domains hosted with strato. I think i have to call the customer support and let them check the issue. Thanks for your helo guys.

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Ahh good ol’ stubborn customers haha. But yes, that’s what I would do. I wish you the best man!

@Paul_Kirschvink as i understand the new site will be hosted at Webflow?
If this is the case there is no need to stay with the current hosting provider.
If the companey have other things hosted there and the new site is hosted at Webflow, why not change the DNS provider only for the new Webflow site?

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Thats a good idea! Can I change the DNS Provider independently from the hoster?

Yes, that’s why I was suggesting basically! I think that’s the best way to go in my opinion.

Ah ok Perfect then i try this solution. You suggest go daddy for the DNS Hosting?
Thanks for your help

I suggest GoDaddy just for your domain provider and then host your site with Webflow. So suggest just a domain transfer to GoDaddy.

Hey Guys, after hours of settings and phone calls with the hoster its all set and running.
Thank you very much for your help. :raised_hands: