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Only one A record possible with Hosting Provider


I can only set up one A record entry with my hosting provider, where webflow requires to set up two…

They told me that I should just try to enter the first A record (from webflow) and that should work in most cases.

Has anyone experienced this? Does that relate to possible problems in the future?

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

Which DNS provider are you using?

It’s called ALL-INKL, a german hosting provider:

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If you’ve only added one A record, or if your DNS provider only allows adding one A-Record, this connection error will show in your dashboard. This isn’t an optimal setup, but your site will work.

Adding two A-Records helps with load balancing and redundancy in case anything happens to the primary server. Basically if the primary server went down, there’s a backup server to ping to load up your site (simply a precaution).

For an optimal setup, we recommend that you add two A records. And if your registrar doesn’t allow that, we recommend that you point your custom domain nameservers (NS records) to a third party DNS provider. Then, you can setup the DNS records within the new registrar’s dashboard.

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You can use

Okay I understand! Thank you very much for your help :slight_smile:

Is the free account option with cloudflare enough?

To setup CNAME it says that I need the business plan (which is pretty expensive, do I need that?

Thank you!

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I’m using it for two sites and I have no problems with the free plan. All records are set up.

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Hi! I have the same problem with the two A records, and I want to try out your solution, but I don’t know what “point your custom domain nameservers (NS records) to (cloudflare)" means. Can you describe that more detailed, please? That would be great!

@ff71 Cloudflare has excellent documentation. The next step for you is to start reading it. Here is a link to the getting started documentation.

Great, thanks much for your quick reply!