Custom Domain and site plans

I have a question as touching custom Domain.

I built my portfolio on a CMS site plan and when it was time for me to publish it, i realize that i could only publish on and not custom domain. From the tutorial I watched, the tutor mentioned that he bought custom domain from inorder to publish apart from the available one on

I actually thought that I don’t have to my custom domain anymore from vendors like google or go daddy, I thought custom domain will be free on CMS site plans.

Please I need clarity on this because it appears that there’s something I don’t understand yet about this site hosting of a thing.

In a simple term, what I want to know is that do I still need to buy a separate custom domain from google or other vendors before I have a web address of my rather than my

Webflow does not provide domain registration services, so yes, if you want a custom domain, you can purchase it anywhere you like, and then use Webflow’s instructions on how to setup your DNS to point to your new site.

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Thank you. I get it now