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Custom css per class

Trying to create a project with webflow I could get the basics more or less easy, but webflow do not provide a place to add cutom css on the style manager.

It doesn’t seem to be so hard to add a textarea that allow free text be entered to augment css classes in the same way can edit the class name. With that we can we a bit of knowledge get our project a lot further.

I know that we can add code to the header, but adding extra css related to a class on the style manager and viewing it’s effect after saving is more convenient for small/specific customizations, like :before/:after/…

Thanks in advance for any comments !

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Totally something we are thinking about implementing. We want to abstract pseudo elements like :before and :after as well as other type of selectors.

As far as allowing custom written css (beyond what you can accomplish using the interface) - that’s something we will explore after we have built out the interface. The reason being that creating an engine to translate what you wrote to the interface and vice versa is a big investment. There needs to be a lot of checks and balances to make sure things don’t break.

But yeah we welcome any feedback!


I’ve got a couple of custom html embeds that already existed and couldn’t probably be built in webflow anyway. RIght now I’ve got the css for those in the individual embeds, but it’s not the best editor in the world :slight_smile:

I already have the .css files hosted on a web server where I can easily update them from my normal editing workflow. I tried to just ad a <link> in the custom code for the site, but it didn’t work. Is there a way I can just link to my external css files for some of these embeds?


I was up here to post a vote for pseudo class support (any word on when that might be coming? As part of the css engine rewrite?)

Thanks, Allen

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I’d love to know that too :slight_smile:

Why don’t you embed css in Custom Code in site’s Dashboard? That’d be better I think… For sure it will be easier to read and write css there :wink:

To add your custom-hosted .css try to add link to it in Custom Code in before </body> section.


Thanks @bartekkustra - This post is from way back, I have moved most of my custom css into links to separately hosted files now. (My hosting provider does webDAV so I’m able to keep the remote css files open in my text editor for quick experimentation, which is nice.