HTML/Javascript/css snippets

Would be nice if we have the possibility to add html/javascript/css snippets anywhere on pages created by webflow.

Webflow is great but for that situations where there is no ready made wizard/widget on the designer a simple free form element that allow us to introduce html/javascript/css can be of great help.

Other tools like froont do provide it.

Thanks for your great work !

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Hi @mingodad you can totally add custom code snippets in Webflow. Just drop an Embed element and you can add custom html/css/javascript.


Note: if you add custom code you won’t be able to edit it using our interface. You will have to edit it directly in the embed form.

I didn’t realized it, I did a test and it’s a good start point.

The one that I was thinking is a bit more raw and is not surrounded by a div, could we choose the tag that will be used to surround the embeded code ?

Also access to add code to the head section would be nice.

I agree. Its nice to be able to add embed elements but would be even more cool if we could add scripts/css to the head. Maybe even meta? Font-awesome and js libraries were the first to come to mind for my needs. Right now my dev process is PS, then webflow, then html/css/js/php editor where I add design and script elements that I can’t do in webflow and then slice again to make a wp theme. I’m hoping webflow can evolve so that my 4 step process becomes 3.

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Totally Philip! Good suggestions! I give you a :beer:! Do you want to add the custom code in the head in the site settings or somewhere in the actual designer (like selecting body and having a field there for code in the head).

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I think that both options will be needed, “site settings” for what will be for all “future multipages” and locally for things specific for each page.

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My thoughts are the same. Global stuff in the settings and page only stuff in the designer. But I suppose this is really going to depend on how you are going to be adding multiple page capability.

I agree that both locations would be ideal. In the short term, global in the settings would let me do everything needed, and page-specific stuff could be a later feature to optimize performance. I’d rather have the capabilities sooner and optimize location of the code later than wait for both to be implemented at the same time, myself.

Thanks for your input guys! We’ve added it to our list. :slight_smile: