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Exported CSS and JS files based on functionality being used

I’m wondering if customized or streamlined code exports are in the works.

Right now the exporter seems to export CSS and Javascript files that include all the possible styles and functionality within Webflow. That’s great but the only issue is file size. Right now webflow.css weighs in at 35 k and webflow.js at 135 k. That’s not outrageous but it is pretty big if you aren’t using most of what is in there (sliders, lightboxes, tabs, etc.).

It would be great if the system could export CSS and JS files based on only what is used in the current site, sort of the way Modernizr or Foundation let you only select the functionality you need and create a streamlined file for you.

Of course, you can go in and remove styles and functions manually but that takes a lot of time and you really need to know what you’re doing, especially with the js file.

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