Custom CMS automated email with Webflow form submission and Mailchimp

Hi, everyone! I’m searching for a solution for my client and I’m sure somebody already dealt with a similar problem.

My client organizes online events (webinars,…). I have created for them CMS upcoming events page with a form to “register”. We need to collect their email information and then send them an automatic email with a Zoom link and calendar appointment for the particular event.

How can I insert a specific field/id in the CMS so that Mailchimp will recognize what email/zoom link to a specific webinar to send? And will they have to set up a new automatic email in Mailchimp for every webinar separately? Is there any better solution than this?

If I’m not clear enough I can explain more! Any help is appreciated :pray:

@Alzbeta a solution for this would be to set up a Zapier automation that would trigger upon a form submission. Something like this maybe: Let me know if this helps.

Yes, I have tried Zapier, but what I need is:

Client creates new webinar in CMS. It will create the template page where is registration form. When a customer fills out the form, they will receive an email with a Zoom registration for that specific webinar.

I was able to set up the zap for form and email but how do I set up specific email based on the specific form field. I was able to add custom html to the form with a name of the event, which I can now see in the list of forms, so I know for which event the customer registered, but I was not able to set up this specific information in Zapier.

I have come up with another solution and that is connect Webflow with Zoom through Zapier, but I think I will face the same problem. How will Zoom recognise what webinar registration to send based on the form.

Thank you for trying to help!