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How to send automated emails on form submission?

Hello, I am trying to send a custom email to users that submit a specific form on my webflow website.

This is not a newsletter form. Users will have the option to send email, name and a number field for submitting an offer for the item through this form. I want to connect mailchimp, or any other email services, to this form so that the user receives a confirmation email after submitting the form.

Our team will review the offer and send a custom email to the same user with a response.

Is it possible to do something like this?

You should be able to create a custom email automatically by using Integromat, or Zapier as an example. Form submitted, then Webfllow sends a webhook to a service, data parsed by service, email sent by service.

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Thanks for your reply. I am trying to use mailchimp but I don’t understand how to automate the process. Mailchimp says that I should add a tag to a member of my audience but I don’t know if when a user submits a form the automation will send the email to all emails with that specific tag or just the last user.

Maybe there is a service that provides a simpler automation. Do you know any?

@guidocappa I agree with @webdev you should use something like Zapier or Integromat to simplify things.

Zapier (paid account) has a free email service integrated into it.

Integromat (free account) allows you to very simply connect to your existing email account.

As was mentioned, the flow is…

Native Webflow form submit → Integromat (“Email” module) → Send email to the address filled out in the form.