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Zoom link when signing up to webinar


We are hosting a series of Webinars (used radio button to select the webinar the user would like join). I’ve started the integration with Webflow and Zoom on Zapier but had a few questions.
Is it possible to send a different Zoom link for each webinar the user signs up for? Also, lets say the user signs up for more that one webinar would it be possible to send multiple links once they submit the registration form?


If I’m seeing correctly you have a set number of webinars? If that’s the case, you really wouldn’t need to use a zoom integration in Zapier.

Manually create the meetings in zoom and save meeting details somewhere.

In zapier use the Webflow form trigger, and generate an email. In the email use if statements to determine which zoom link(s) to display based on the form data.

Thank you for your response it has been helpful.

So if I create 4 links on Zoom how would I be able to correspond the right webinar link to the right webinar in Zapier? I guess I am stuck on the information I need to provide for the following drop down: Email and Name?

Sorry I see I may have misunderstood/misled.

I would recommend not using the zoom integration in zapier at all. Within Zoom itself create the links, and then use the zapier email action, instead of any zoom action, to create your own invitation email.

I’d you want to use the zoom action you will have to send a different email for each zoom meeting. And I’m the action below you will put the email and name received from the form data.

It makes sense. So when you say use a Zapier email action would that mean connecting it to our Drip campaign where people will receive the appropriate Zoom link based on if/then to the webinars?