Custom Grids, Pseudo classes, Code View

Thank you for listening to the feedback and putting the CMS pricing at a more reasonable level, as it’s good to see a company listening to it’s users for a change. So well done.

I hope that listening to your users continues and although I’m sure the CMS is taking up a large amount of your time. I hope that you now also take some time to address some of the more advanced features that users have been requesting for a long time on here, like custom grids, pseudo classes and a separate code view etc.




Same for me, whitelabel CMS in addition :smile:


Ability to do mobile first design would also be a good addition, and is also the general web standard these days. As the reason for it, is that all the css in the media queries for the larger size devices won’t get loaded on mobile devices, giving a much faster mobile experience for webflow built sites.

As the title suggests, let’s discuss custom grids, media query break points and YES PLEASE pseudo classes some of which were mentioned way back in the infancy of webflow! I still come across break point anomalies that don’t always render in the editor and the worst thing is when a customer discovers them before you do.