Cross-referencing and filtering dynamic lists

Let me know if the following is possible. I can’t seem to wrap my head around it with the current filtering/linking options:

Ex: John’s page shows his staff bio link on Acme Inc’s website, another link on Housewares Co., and another on Retail USA. But Jane’s page shows bio links for Acme Inc and Green Airlines.

That’s it. Some users belong to some organizations, while others may overlap or belong to others. This isn’t for an author bio type section. This is a listings type site, where each user will display where they have a bio link and display the link. Given that number of users could get up into the 100s, this needs to be somewhat automated:

I have 2 collections: users and organizations. Each user contains fields for multiple profile links for each organization and text for those links (as I don’t want to show the URL). The organizations (about 30 total) function as tags. I know with the multi-ref option, I can tag each user with the organizations to which they belong.

On a USER template, (since these will be the published pages), I want to display the organization each user belongs to. I know I can at least create a dynamic list of the organizations via multi-ref, which will automatically only show the ones the current user has a tag for. But where I’m stuck is also displaying the bio links (and text) in the user collection.

Why can’t I add a text link element [from users collection] inside my dynamic list block [from organizations collection via multi-ref]? It won’t display the user collection as an option, only the organization collection. Even though I’m in a user template. I sense that the source of the dynamic list overrides, but is there a way to make this happen? I already got a big red flag from trying to nest dynamic lists…

I also understand that what I’m trying to do is link fields between two different collections. If anyone could suggest work arounds, I’d appreciate the help. I’ve tried all sorts of methods with the filtering and dynamic list sources, references, etc. I know what I’m trying to do is a bit MacGyver-y.


EDIT The main issue here is keeping all related info together, so that when organizations are auto-filtered based on the user page, so are the links. My workaround at the moment may just have to be a different design approach…

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Still open to hearing all suggestions, but after hours of racking my brain and messing around with elements, I found somewhat of a solution that will require some (worthwhile) set-up on the front end. I’ll just need to get creative with design. To illustrate the solution at its core, I have two columns: left column is a dynamic list of the organizations via multi-ref, so it’ll only display orgs for which that user is tagged; right column is made up of MULTIPLE dynamic lists of the user collection, filtered by current user, and each is set to pull the different links. So left column is one dynamic list; right column will be about 30. Depending on each user, they’ll auto filter appropriately. Phew. This should work for now. Hope this helps others.

Hi @romanmg,
it is hard to tell if there is some issues or if you doing something wrong without seeing read-only link. But I am glad you found solution :smiley:


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