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Displaying dynamic list content in other formats

Hi there,

I really wasn’t sure what help category I should post this to, but I’m basically trying to understand if there is any way in which I can use collection content as you would ordinarily do in a dynamic list, but without being restricted to having to have the list stacked or in equally sized columns. My aim is mostly for two specific features of an article based site design.

The first is to display the article authors (defined from a multi-reference list in the article collection) in an editorial format like below:

The articles can have one or two authors so I would ideally like a system that would allow my template to handle this for me rather having to have this specifically written out as a seperate field in the article collection itself. I tried having two single author references separately specified so that I could create a ‘sentence’ out of separate text fields, some bound with the author names, but then couldn’t find any way of being able to set conditional visibility to turn off the “& Author 2 Name” part if that reference wasn’t populated. So was sort of back to square one.

And the second is to be able to have a related category list (also from a multi-reference list) at the end of the article with equal spacing between the individual terms. Like so:

Using a multi-column dynamic list to do the above doesn’t work when it comes to any very short category names as the even column width then makes very obvious and ugly spacing.

If anyone could give me any pointers on either of these I’d be most grateful. Otherwise its back to the drawing board at least on the category list.

thanks so much

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