Filtering - How to Select Multiple Items from a Multi-Reference Field

I’m sure I’m missing something here. Maybe it’s my keyboard. I’ve created a multi-reference field in my collection. I can select more than one item when adding content to the collection. However, when I try to set filters for the dynamic content to display on page, I’m only able to select one of the items in the multi-reference list.

Is this correct?
Can I not select more than one item in filtering?


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When you add a dynamic list to a Collection page and then in the Collection dropdown choose the multi-reference in that collection (I know currently it’s a bit confusing), it will auto-filter the items selected in that collection item (which page you’re on).

Hope this helps!

Thanks Sergie!
So, to be clear though, you can’t select multiple items in the dropdown, correct?

Like, am I missing some key command - shift+control - or something to select multiple items in the dropdown?

We have multiple staff members. Our staff members are part of a dynamic list called Authors. 90% of our staff members have blog posts that they have authored. There is a section on the Author’s template to display blog posts from that current author. However, some of our staff are a bit light on article publishing. To try and solve this problem, we have created a few blog posts that could be attributed to all of our staff.

I’ve thought about creating a multi-reference list (tags) where articles could be tagged with the “authors-name” as well as a “all-authors”. When it got down to displaying blog articles under the selected staff bio, I was hoping that through filtering, I could choose more than one selection from a multi-reference list to try and make this happen.

This stuff hurts my fragile little head sometimes.

Yeah currently we don’t let you manually choose values from that list.

Not sure how you can solve that problem without us having a special conditional visibility option to show/hide something when a dynamic list results in 0 items. Alternatively you can create a Category collection for your blog posts and then have Reference field that references that category. Then have a section for “Related blog posts”.

You could consider adding some evergreen articles to the empty state of the list.

Thank you Sergie for the feedback!

Wholly Guacamole!!! Think I might just end my workday and start the weekend early!

Alrighty fellow Webfloians! Got this one figured out.

I already have a collection called Author.

When the client creates a blog post they have to select a single author in a reference field. This author appears directly under the blog post on the website. So, I created a generic author (Company INC). There are a few article/blog posts they wanted associated with all authors. Those blog posts have been assigned Company INC as their author.

I added a multi-reference field directly under authors called it Authors-Multiple. Assigned it to the Author’s collection I’m already using.

I made the field required and I added help text explaining to the client that the Author (assigned to the article) must be included in Authors-Multiple as well as any additional Authors for which you want the article/blog post to be associated with.

Then for the dynamic list that appears on my Author bio pages, I’ve set the filter to display articles where the current Author is listed in the Authors-Multiple Multi-Reference list.

And Voila! Can I get an AMEN!

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