Creation of Dynamic Instant Quote Forms

I’m wondering if it’s possible to create a form where the ‘submit’ button populates with a price and duration in hours based on the chosen criteria.

Say for example a site for a cleaning business which has a form with 2 drop down fields for house size and state. Each drop down has say 5 options (so therefore 25 possible combinations). When a user chooses any of possible combinations of the two drop downs the ‘submit’ button would populate with the price and time it would take before clicking through to a bookings page.

Could I save a collection with the 25 possibilities that is referenced based on criteria selection?

A great example of this is shown on the home page of

Hi @dunlap1995 .
Josh from Foxy here. Depending on your specific needs, this should be possible with Foxy + Webflow, including the ability to generate quotes or even charge the customer at checkout. Feel free to message me if this sounds like something you’re interested in.


Hello @dunlap1995

I can say that the option Josh from @foxy is giving you is pretty good, I have worked with them and I can’t recommend them enough, definitely something that you should consider.

Another option that might help is where you can create a virtual calculator. I’ve been playing with it for a while and I love it.

Hope this helps.

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+1 here for Foxy too!

Also - Ucalc looks interesting, great find @aaronocampo