Shopping List creation (no cart necessary ... yet)

While I appreciate user/customer logins aren’t currently active in Webflow’s ecommerce setup, I’m wondering how (or whether) it is possible to create a shopping list style interaction (perhaps via a 3rd party add-on)?

Hey Paul! Welcome to the community + forums.

Can you illustrate an example of what you’re trying to achieve? Screenshots, videos, websites that currently have this effect – any of those work. Just something to help us visualize what you want to achieve. Thanks!

Howdy Matt, thanks for the speedy reply.
Haven’t really got that far yet. Really just assessing what platform might achieve the goods (and also looking for an excuse to dive into Webflow).

Ultimately it would act like a shop, but users would only be adding items to a list rather than a shopping cart (i.e, there wouldn’t be a proceed to checkout step).
This is for a customer who has a retail store, and will act as an interim step before they offer online purchase and delivery options.
Does this make sense? It’s providing a mid point option for shopping list (and possibly the option to order, so items are ready for pick-up at the customers convenience).

Also … any ideas why I have to wait so long before replying (successfully)?! It’s super annoying.

Ha, no worries! The forum will automatically limit replies from new users to about every 8 (I think?) minutes until they’ve had a little more time on the forum – generally reading posts should help you get the time reduced. (It helps reduce spam that this forum sees)

In regards to your question, I think I follow! One last question – in your use case, how do users make payment? Do they pick the items they’d like, go to “checkout”, and reserve the items for pickup / delivery and pay in-person? Or are you wanting the customer to be able to pay online as well?

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Tick tock. Hehe/

Thanks again Matt.
Customers would make payment in store (in person).
Paying online might be an option the client would consider, but given this is their first ‘big’ step toward online anything … the scope of a full ‘store’ and checkout online feels like a gigantic step for them.
It will really come down to the balance of cost, ease of implementation, management and support I guess.

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Sure, makes total sense!

@kkilat — is it possible to skip shipping altogether and have a “pay at store” option natively?

Out of curiosity, how big is your store (product-wise)?

Typeform is definitely an option if it’s not a massive store. I’ve used it multiple times and integrated into Webflow, though it’s definitely not as clean as Webflow’s native e-commerce experience.

The nice thing about Typeform is that if your client eventually wanted to process payments online, they could do so with Typeform - as they have a payment processor powered by Stripe. (Same processor that powers Webflow and millions of other e-comm stores)

Thanks Matt.

There would only be about 100 products.
Any examples of typeform being used in a similar scenario? I had no idea this would fall within its feature kit.

Hey Paul - sorry for my late response!

I would think that it definitely falls in the feature kit of Typeform. Check out this tutorial from Typeform here:

Further, you can check out an integration we did for a client of ours a while back after they told us that writing quotes for a person’s stay (they’re in the dog boarding business) was taking quite a bit of time. This is almost always a repetitive process, so we automated this using Typeform, which you can see here: (Built in Squarespace before I really knew Webflow, don’t hate me!)

If you click on the Get an Instant Quote button, it’s actually a Typeform Embed that calculates the price of the person’s stay based on a number of variables — whether they’re a first-time customer or returning customer (first-time customers get discounted pricing), how many nights they’re staying, whether they want any add-ons, et cetera.

Each option that they click uses Typeform’s calculator element to add the figures up to give the user a grand total at the end of the screen after they put in their name and email address. (Not a requirement, just how we set it up)

I will say — this worked for our use case, but there are limitations that we came across in building this out. For instance, there is only one variable that you can store total price in, so you’re limited to that — which should be fine, but I recall wanting more than one variable at the time… I can’t remember why.

This does require Typeform’s paid plan, though — but I’m a firm believer in their software. We use it for nearly all our agency stuff here, including projects like this.

Hope this helps provide you with some context. Feel free to ask more questions and I’ll get to it when I can!

Hey thanks so much for the replies! Apologies for the delay and inaction on my part, a film project I’ve been working on finally had its premiere to a sold out screening — and my head has been elsewhere.

Finally back on this investigation path and will look into all the bits discussed in more detail.

Hi @Supernaut.
Just now seeing this thread. What you’re after is possible with Foxy + Webflow. All grocery items 100% managed with Webflow’s CMS.

Easily turn off the requirement for payments and just as easily turn payments on. Switching from a “grocery list” setup to an online grocery ordering site happens in a click.

More information about our seamless integration with Webflow can be found here: Please don’t hesitate to reach out if a phone call would be beneficial or I can put together a proof of concept even. Just let me know.


Thanks Josh, so how does this work exactly?
With the ecommerce option in Webflow each transaction is charged, then there’s the Foxy charges per transaction, and then the payment gateway charges too. Sound about right?

Hi @Supernaut.
The Foxy integration would 100% replace Webflow Ecommerce. So you’d just have a normal CMS hosting plan, Foxy, and your gateway (if you want to process payments).

Our pricing starts at $20/mo (or $180/yr) and includes your first 100 transactions each month. Anything over that will get a .5% transaction fee from Foxy, with a minimum of 1 cent and a maximum of 15 cents.

Let us know if you have any follow up questions.


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Can I schedule a time to look at your service? I’m designing a grocery website and need a grocery item option.

Ultimately it would act like a shop, but users would only be adding items to a list rather than a shopping cart (i.e, there wouldn’t be a proceed to checkout step).

Hi @Derek_Entrekin.
Thank you for getting in touch. Feel free to email us your Webflow Read-only Link and any other details on your specific needs: We can then walk you through things.


I was looking for this too! Unfortunately, Weebly doesn’t have it out-of-the-box.
Luckily ConvertCalculator does exactly what you are looking for! It’s an embeddable interactive form calculator which is fully customizable. Setting it up is a walk in the park!