Forms to calculate quotes

Hey guys,

I’d like to integrate an order form that calculates a quote.
Something like this :

I’m looking at the selection of forms on Zapier The 8 best online form builder apps | Zapier and I’m having a hard time.

I’m looking at

  • Wufoo
  • JotForm
  • Typeform
  • Zoho Forms

There doesn’t need to be a transaction / paiement necessarily, it’s really more the calculation part I’m interested in.
I’m also looking for something not too expensive. $0 to $20 / month.

Any tips or suggestions?


If it’s just calculation, then you can use custom code to do it, and send the details (like quantity, total price) along with order information using the default Webflow forms system.

I am able to do such an implementation, you may contact me for a quote here:

I’ll contact you soon.

Hi Samliew

I too have a similar work for you and i have dropped a mail on your website, it will be great if you are free to discuss on the project


Hi jomor,
I really like to use ConvertCalculator, which can be used for real-time price quoting and more. You can setup an instant online quote form in 2 minutes and embed it easily on your website.
I found convertcalculator a feature-rich and powerful tool.
Hope it’s helps you!

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Hey there,

I would suggest to also look at

With it you can create interactive calculators but not just basic ones. They let you collect orders process payments, your clients can choose from various options and you create them yourself. It does not require any coding skills and is easy to embed to your website.

Also I think they have integration with Zapier if you need it, so overall it’s pretty handy.


Just checked this out - very impressive

Hi there,

I’m using Calquo for my webflow and Drupal projects and is working great to create quote calculator forms.

Takes no effort to create and doesn’t require any coding skills. With my small css knowledge i’m able to tweak the design and make it similar to my websites.

Hope you find it useful :slight_smile:

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