User/Orders Dashboard for multiple digital purchases

Hey everyone,
my team and me are fairly new to webflow but everything was going well up until now haha. Essentially, we are building a website/webshop where customers can buy multiple online classes. We’re currently working with webflows ecommerce and users/membership beta version. Our main goal right now is to make a dashboard so that the users can have something like a order history. This order history should also serve links to the specific online class subpage.

We are having trouble getting all of it connected. We know that the users beta version isnt yet capable of creating this dashboard so we thought of memberstack and zapier but I struggle to find a good tutorial that shows similar things to what we want to achieve. Most of the examples/guides/tutorials are for ONE gated subpage but we certainly need multiple (and it needs to be scalable, we want to make sure that we dont get into trouble when we want to sell more online classes which is planned) gated subpages. They DONT purchase a one time access to only one subpage.

I dont quite get my head wrapped around all of this so I’m reaching out to the community. Maybe you guys have some tips or guides or tutorials or anything that could help.

Please consider that we dont have much experience in none of this. So if we are missing anything obvious its because we dont know anything haha

Thanks in advanced!

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Hey Finn!

What you’ve described is definitely possible with Memberstack.

What you would have to do is create multiple plans within Memberstack, and then once a user purchases course x, you CAN zap that to show up on a custom page for them, but you don’t need to. You can probably just hide/show the elements depending on of a course has been purchased by them.

Anyways, I won’t get too confusing as I know your use case is specific, but in a nutshell, just remember different plans for each course!

Hi @Finnschy.
Josh with Foxy here. What you’re after should be possible with our seamless Webflow integration (without the need for Zapier, Memberstack, etc.):

With our customer portal feature, you can allow customers to login, view charge history, manage membership(s), update billing info, and more.

In addition, you can show/hide Webflow content/pages based on any type of criteria. For example, you can output a list of courses (driven by CMS data) and only show courses the customer has purchased.

You can get even fancier if needed. For example, show all courses a customer has purchased individually, but if they have an all-access membership show all courses.

We’re more than happy to discuss your needs in more detail to see if Foxy is a good fit. Please don’t hesitate to reach out: Also, with our Accelerate Program ( we can handle the setup for you if you’re not comfortable handling it yourself.


Sounds intimidating, indeed. I hear that all the time.


Never fear!

I’ve been showing people how to do all of this for awhile now.

Here’s a good screencast to get started with:

Another fun one:

Here’s a deep dive I did on Webflow’s Memberships:

I didn’t notice you mentioning Webflow Logic, but combine that with Memberships and you’ll get really far:

…and just generally a ton more of this stuff can be found here:

Have a look around, ask questions. I’ve got answers :smile: