E-Commerce Store in webflow, nearing 100 page limit

I have built my e-commerce store using webflow and im nearing the 100 page limit because of the amount of products that I have. I cant use the CMS pages because each product has unique content to that product so it has to have its own page. also for SEO purposes.

What are my options. can i build more than 100 pages in webflow and then export it out to a different hosting platform, or is there another option?

Hello @Joel_Muro

You mentioned that you can’t use the CMS because each product has its unique content and for SEO purposes, here is my experience with Webflow CMS:

  1. I manage ecommerce sites with +1.5K products and I haven’t had any issues with SEO, you can customise your CMS to show whatever information in your product pages, plus every item/product will have its unique url for those SEO purposes
  2. The management of content can be achieved with RTE (Rich Text Element) where you can add as many content as you want and every single product will have different images, videos, descriptions, etc.
  3. and if this is not enough you can customise your collections to add dynamic embeds, for specific things that your products might need, not to mention the ability to condition visibility with certain criteria, and a long etc.

Maybe you have a very specific case but I don’t see any reason your project can’t be achieved with Webflow CMS.

If you like you can share your preview link with me so I can take a look and point you in the right direction.

here is one of my pages .
i have embedded products using ecwid as my cart system.
and having the tabs at the bottom of the page for additional content about the product.
can i replicate this using CMS?

Definitely yes!

You can replicate this in Webflow no issue. I would say that you can get even more control of it by doing it with the CMS.

Here’s an example of one of the products of the website I built:

If you navigate through the site you’ll find that every product has its own URL and different SEO information, all provided through the CMS.

that looks great, what would be the best way to get started on something like this. iv never messed with CMS or building one out.

Hi @Joel_Muro.
Josh from Foxy here. Definitely let us know if you need help setting up your store/website. We’ve helped hundreds of Webflow users integrate secure ecommerce into their Webflow websites.


There are several ways to integrate an ecommerce platform to your Webflow site.

As Josh from @foxy is mentioning that specific one I created it using his solution, which is pretty awesome I have to say, you have full control of everything, everything is manageable through Webflow CMS and the support is awesome! I can’t recommend enough these guys.

I think you can start by reading/watching these:

And here is the full CMS tutorial and explanation:

And as Josh mentioned, take a look at their implementation here:

I hope this helps.

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