Extends page limit to 100

Hey support,

I need your help, I have question about how to extends Webflow page limit more than 100?

Hello Yogesh and welcome to the Webflow community!

Here are some simple tips to keep your page limit under the 100.

  1. Move pages with similar content and layout to the CMS (e.g legal/policy pages). The CMS pages do not count toward the page limit.
  2. Delete old pages. These can be pages that aren’t used on your website any more such as old promotional or event pages.

Now here is a solution to “extend” the 100 page limit if you have done all those things:

This is a technical solution that can range from simple to very complex based on the project and the requirements. This is why Webflow only offers this as a service for Enterprise customers, but you can do this yourself. I only recommend this if my first set of tips won’t work.

Reverse proxies
You can read about what a reverse proxy is and some use cases here.

The idea in this case is to create an additional Webflow project for the extra pages. Then you will use a service such as Cloudflare Workers for example to create a reverse proxy so that when someone enters your-domain.com/whatever then that additional Webflow project is shown as if it’s actually under your domain.

The benefits

  • You get the additional pages you need
  • You don’t have to link those additional pages with whatever.webflow.io
  • Better for SEO (you can still maintain domain authority)

The downsides

  • You will need an account plan because of the limits of projects while you are on a free plan
  • You will need to set up the additional project to match the design of your original site which could take some time.
  • You will need coding knowledge to do this.

Hi Yogesh,

This is the Webflow community, not support.
You can reach Webflow’s support here if you need to.

To my knowledge there is no way to go beyond the 100 static page limit, although Webflow might have some special capabilities at the Enterprise plan level.

Normally, the approach is to use the Webflow CMS and Collection Pages for most of your site content… blog articles, news, recipes, products, employee directories, courses & lessons, etc. Static pages are then only the pages that are singular, e.g. home, about, contact, your privacy policy.