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Publishing to subdomains

Through my research it shows that publishing pages of the same website to different subdomains is not possible with webflow. For example, I have a PPC project and need to publish landing pages to, etc. Now I have hosting, and have to export the webflow site and break up the files / code into their respective subdomain folders on the server. Ugh.

Is publishing to specific subdomains from within the same project possible with webflow? If not then PLEASE make this possible, as it opens a world of possibilities for managing PPC campaigns and landing pages. There you go, another target market to go after - marketers and not just designers!

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Did you contact support directly with this question? They will get a staff expert to respond.

Not yet, I figured I would ping the community first. I’ll go ahead and contact support.

Hi @dsgnr, At the moment in order to use domains like or, you would need to setup a cname record for each domain and host a separate project for each site.

The cname record is setup similar to the www record on this page:

It is not currently possible to publish multiple domains to different pages unless the pages are on separage projects. It is possible to have those site domains active, you would just need a hosting for each separate site:

Here is the item on the Wishlist here:

I hope this helps.

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