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eCommerce store with no payment

Hi. I have a client that requires an ‘ecommerce style’ store whereby a user can select a range of products (plus product options for each), add them to a cart but finish by sending the completed order off as a form or email, rather than go through a payment provider at the end of the process. So basically:

• Is this possible with WF
• Would I require an ecommerce hosting plan?


Hi @ConnectCreativeDes.
Josh from Foxy here. What you’re after is not currently possible with Webflow Ecommerce. That said, it is possible with Foxy + Webflow:

  • Manage products with Webflow CMS.
  • All calculations and number crunching automatically handled.
  • Allow customers to checkout without having to provide billing info.
  • Collect any type of information you need with standard and custom checkout fields.

More info can be found here: Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need help getting started. We’re happy to help.


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Hi @foxy thanks for the reply - this sounds just like what I’m after. Can I bother you for a few questions please:

  • Would I require Webflow ecommerce hosting for this or can i stick to the usual Webflow CMS hosting?
  • Since no actual payment or transaction takes place at the end of the cart, am I still bound by the 100 transactions per month pricing tier for the Standard package?

Many thanks for your help with this, its greatly appreciated!

Hi @ConnectCreativeDes.
No problem at all. Happy to help.

Would I require Webflow ecommerce hosting for this or can i stick to the usual Webflow CMS hosting?
Foxy will 100% replace Webflow Ecommerce and works with any of Webflow’s hosting plans. If you have multiple products that need to be managed, having CMS hosting is recommended, but not required.

Since no actual payment or transaction takes place at the end of the cart, am I still bound by the 100 transactions per month pricing tier for the Standard package?
To confirm, you get unlimited transactions with all of our plans (even the Standard plan). The main thing is that your first 100 transactions each month are included in your monthly ($20/mo) or yearly ($180/yr) pricing. Anything over that will get a .5% transaction fee from Foxy, with a minimum of 1 cent and a maximum of 15 cents.

Hope this helps some. Definitely let us know if you have any follow up questions or if a phone/Skype call would be helpful. We’ll make it happen! :slight_smile:


Hi @foxy

Many thanks for the info. One last question! - I assume I have control of how the Checkout is configured, so for example since the customer is not physically paying for the item (but simply sending an order that the cart has gathered together and processed) I would have no need to display the ‘Payment Method’ section - is this possible? Or indeed is it possible to configure these sections (Your Email, Payment Method, Billing Address etc.)?


Hi @ConnectCreativeDes.
Absolutely. The payment section will be hidden. In addition, you can control what fields are shown/required/optional and you can add custom fields to the checkout (and product forms) as needed. We’ll of course walk you through everything. :slight_smile:


Hey I saw that you mentioned using FoxyCart as a means to allow potential customers to check out without having to pay for an item. I’m currently doing a job for a client in which its wholesale. They want clients to select from a list of what they want (like adding to a cart), having a summary of what they’ve added, then have that output a order form that my client receives that she can track.

Currently, I’ve been trying to get Webflow CMS to output forms using Zapier which seem to work, however this doesn’t output an itemized list, or give the option of “adding to cart” without it being a full ecommerce site where u must pay (Webflow).

How can I use Foxy to allow “add to cart” for each product, using Webflow’s CMS Product lists I’ve created without having to recreate each product separately as well as creating an order summary and then sending out my client an order form of what their clients have chosen? No payments are wanted, they simply want to select items, add them to cart and “checkout” or “submit” and then later be contacted on what they selected.

Hi @drfunk1986.
Thank you for getting in touch. What you’re after is possible with Foxy + Webflow by customizing our Purchase Order payment option. Also, we can show you how to tie Foxy right into your existing setup with Webflow CMS.

Mind emailing us your Webflow Read-only Link and details on any other needs you may have? Thanks so much!


Hey Josh,

Omg thank you so much.


I specifically have it best set up on this page with the current CMS, but for Read-only link I’ve included that below for your reference.


I’m looking to have clients of our client, be able to scroll through the page, select the items they want on the page (each page will essentially have its own submit form to keep release deliveries separate) and then submit those choices like a checkout. This checkout would then output a form of the selections they’ve chosen to my client as well as the clients who selected the items. Looking to have several forms for each page to keep it organized but just getting them to “add to cart” so people can see what they’ve selected and then outputting into a google sheets or excel doc has been rather frustrating.

Best regards,


Hi @drfunk1986.
Mind emailing this info to We’ll be able to take care of you better from our help desk. Thanks so much!


Oops. Just saw your email. We’ll reply there.

Ok thanks Josh. I’ve gone ahead and emailed them already. Is there any sort of payment options for a developer to come in a fix what we need?

Best regards,


Hi Adam.
Thank you. We’ll be in touch soon. We have a list of recommended developers we can send your way, but everything we’ve discussed so far shouldn’t require one, unless you just want someone to setup everything for you.


Hi @foxy ,

I was wondering if you could help me answer the same question. I am a not a developer but I need the same functionality described on the original post.

I’ve read your responses several times, I’ve been on the sample page, inspected the code, watched the video. Nowhere did I see an inkling on how to remove the checkout part of the process.

I also found no relevant information to this particular use case in the foxy forums.

I did notice a particular insistence on keeping answers PRIVATE, which is a little strange.

If the functionality is easy, and many people are looking for it, why the mystery? Why hide behind paywalls?

Why not show that is easy, demonstrate it, and then have all of us pay for when the shops go online with the functionality we desire?

I’ve been racking my brains trying to get foxy to work in the above way (cart and customer info to email and not to checkout) and I can’t even find how to do that without going DEEP into the API.

If one has to touch the API, which foxy documentation itself says is only for very advanced users, then this is not a convenient solution at all.

Looking forward to hearing your answer to this.

Hi @David_R.
Thank you for your post. Not for sure what info you’re referring to that we’re keeping private, but as mentioned in a previous reply in this thread, using our Purchase Order option, you can allow customers to checkout without paying. To confirm, there’s still the checkout page. But customers will be able to checkout by only providing an email and any other info you want to collect.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need help getting started:


Hi Josh,

Thank you so much for your prompt response.

Perhaps I was misunderstanding, as I haven’t seen an official demonstration of this functionality.

It would be helpful for more people to be able to see it in one of your demonstration sites.

I would like to be able to have that Purchase Order option to test it ASAP and then understand
the payment options for this in order to demonstrate the functionality and have the info ready for the client.

Thank you,

Hi David.
Happy to help. I don’t think we have a demo for this, but I’ll make sure we get one soon. I’ve responded to your email with info on getting access. Please let us know if we can help with anything else.


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