Create timelines with unlimited items (fields inside CMS)

Hello beautiful people,
My client wants to create timeline based website. There is some way to have unlimited timelines items (fields inside the CMS)? If I figure it inside the CMS, I have limit of 30 fields, so doesn´t work. I can create separate CMS items and then unite them on the page, but as client wants this timelines form other timelines I think It will be very messy.

Is it possible to achive? Maybe with Airtable, I have never worked with Airtable, so I have no idea. The client would prefer without Airtable, but for the moment I see no way to build it only with Webflow.

Would be very thankfull for any idea.
Read-only link leads to the example of limeline, so I need to find the way to add unlimited items…

P.S. Thinking about the possibility to create one CMS for timeline items and then connect them with appropriate pages using filters. Do you think that´s possible?

Here is my site Read-Only: **[LINK][1] **

It sounds like you’re thinking down the right path;

Two CMS collections;

  • Timeline
  • Event ( ref’s timeline )

Events would have a date or some sequence ordering them.

On your Timeline Collection page, you’d put your info about the timeline and then a collection list for your Events. Filter them to Current timeline.

Thank you for the advice.

I managed to do the task for one timeline. Now all timeline events are in one CMS, so I can infinite quantity to the page (adding each time new collection item). Here is the page of the timeline where I connect all timeline events.

The problem is that I need a lot of pages like that. In the example there is a timeline for Netflix, then I need for Apple, Movistar etc etc. So it would be nice to have all this pages also in one CMS. But as I undestrand now, I can´t. Because for timeline events I put visibility condition "when page is Netflix, so they will be the same always, only the name of the brand will change. So basically I need to create new page (not in CMS) for every timeline.

Do you think I can fix this situation in some way? I need the timeline events depend on the brand, is it possible to achieve?

When I use multi-reference, I can put only the name of the timeline event. Do you know some way to connect also the text?

Here is the page where I use multi-reference option and dont understand how to put events also.

I get rid of the conditional visibility.

I can’t guess all the details of the design you want to achieve, but the basic part is easy. Your Timeline Events will attach to whatever parent you want to display them in. I called that a Timeline, but for you that page also represents a business entity like Netflix, Apple, Movistar.

In Webflow, any time you say “I want to have a lot of these…” you’re pretty much always talking about a collection. Find a way to create a collection of that thing, and figure out how to connect it to other collections of sub-things, with ref fields and filtering.

In this case, it sounds like you want;

Timeline Event ( Ref to Business )

In the Business collection page, you’d have a collection list bound to Timeline Event, which is filtered to “Business = Current Business”.

That will keep the Timeline Event filtering relative to the Business page you’re currently viewing.

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Thank you very much one time more!

Also this discussion helped me.