Unlimited images in a collection? Possible?

Hi Wefblowers!

So, I have this project that I’m working on and I’m here scratching my head about how to organize a fashion events content/images with the CMS.

For now the layout is the one attached to this post.
Each image is correspondent to a different event/fashion production. What I need is a way to structure the content so that:

  • Every image links to a separate event page (this one seems easy with the CMS templates).
  • This new page (dynamic template) should have several images related to the single correspondent event.
  • The content editor should be able to add unlimited images to each event, to be displayed on the correspondent event page.

I believe this would be easier if it could be done with widgets, like slider or lightbox, but as it isn’t possible yet…
Maybe it is a simple solution, but I’m not figuring out this one…

Any brilliant thoughts about how this can be done?

Thanks for your help :wink:

You mean a gallery collection, right? Yes that would be awesome! like an “add more images” option.

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Repeater field. Like Advanced Custom Fields Pro for Wordpress.

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That’s just my idea…It would be great, if possible with Webflow.
So far, my workaround was to insert 10 image fields per collection item and inform the client that, for each event he can only add a max. of 10 images, but this is far from what I need.

Also, on the post template page, I’d like the images to be displayed on a slider or lightbox…
Still trying to figure out a way to implement this.

So far, the website is as follows:

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