Craigslist/Classifieds Site

hello all,

Looking to build a classifieds site in Webflow… I’d simply like for anyone to be able to create a listing (perhaps with an expiration date), complete with relevant images and a blurb about the item/service listed and contact information.

Is this possible? I’d know how to build it if I were the one making the posts, though want any site visitor to be able to make a post.



Craigslist is mega-mega-mega site (custom code).

Please add specific tasks you want:

  • login/sign up?
  • user fillup form and create collection item (search on the forum. No easy solution for now - but this is possible)
  • more idea’s

Follow first webflow University CMS videos (Create list of home’s and home collection page should be very easy - use any custom fields u want).

Filter/sort/admin area/wishlist and so on is more complex.