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Build a classifieds website with Webflow

I want to build a classifieds website where users can create an account, post a picture or video of their products, write a description and make a sale.
While I know that this is possible with wordpress themes, I have been burnt twice before and I am never creating anything on wordpress again.
I just started using Webflow and I love it so far and while I know their CMS is very powerful, I have been reading that it can’t really work for this.
One way that I was thinking to go was using Werbflow only for the frontend and see if there are backend-only scripts for classifieds but so far I have been unsuccessful in finding one.
If anyone knows any backend scripts that’ll work for this, please let me know, or even if this is a good idea as I am not completely sure it’ll work.
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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Hi Isa first of all please let me know have you a design for this

An easy way of doing this is by using Airtable as your backend. You can create forms so that the classifieds go directly into Airtable, and then you can automatically sync Airtable to Webflow using PowerImporter.

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Hello Isa,

Any progress with this since you’ve made this post? I’m trying to do something similar and also would prefer to avoid Wordpress. Would love to chat with you more about what you have learned. Thanks.

Thank you, It will help me to create my website