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Classified site in Webflow

Hi all,

I want to create a classified site in Webflow but I’m not sure if it’s possible.

So basic functionality I want is:

  • Visitors can create posts with images and text
  • Visitors can set their own password for their post and edit/delete as they wish

For the second point, I know I can make membership functionality using memberstack, but i want here is just to have a functionality to set a password for each post to update/delete them.

Thanks in advance!

@Keisuke_Kuroiwa at the moment this isn’t possible with Webflow, natively (though they are moving in this direction with their yet-to-be-released “Membership” features).

If you need a solution now, your best bet is to looking into Memberstack. Based upon your ask, it’ll still take a lot of wiring together, but if you’re game I have some screencasts that walk through various setups with Webflow + Memberstack:

If you dig around on the site you’ll find more…