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Creating a website like eBay/Auto Trader

Hi guys,
I’m very new to Webflow and still learning the basics. I was wondering if it was possible to create a website like eBay or Autotrader, obviously not with all the features such as biding, but somewhere along those lines.

To go into depth, I’m trying to create a website that allows user login/content functionality; by means of users are able to list their items under a catergory which will allow other members to buy these products. I would also like to implement a review system where users who bought these products are able to leave comments and rate.

So in basic terms I would like to create a website where users are able to upload content to parts of my site to allow other users to buy and review. I know there’s a couple of plugins that would allow me to create a database with user accounts ect…

Sorry of this is in the wrong section…

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It’s a really interesting project you have here.

In general terms I would say that yes this can be done, you will need things like from @DuncanHamra and some other integrations but in general this can be done.

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@aaronocampo Thanks for the support,
Is there anything else I would require for user content uploading/reviewing system?

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Well, there are plenty of tools to do this but maybe you can take a look at


I’ve used as well for this purpose.


Why build a car when cars are already available? There are existing open source apps and tools that would give you a significant head start on something like this without limits on collection sizes, static page limitations, no nested categories, or lack of dynamic templating. Frankenstein was a monster made up from lots of different parts. Not a good plan for a app if you can avoid it.

You would be better researching the features you need, then matching those up to existing solutions, or frameworks that could get the job done.

Webflow would make a great proof of concept / design tool for starting the process. Good luck.

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