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Copy - Paste Into Editor: Should images appear in asset library?

I have a WordPress site with multiple custom post types that I am moving over to Webflow. For some of my content, I will likely import a CSV file, but am still digesting tutorial videos related to how to best handle images (examples:,

As an experiment, I directly copied some content from the existing site and pasted into the editor. The content seems to have come over ok, including images.

However, I am not seeing the images in the asset library.

Thinking that maybe the pasted content was referencing images on the existing site, I inspected the image and see a webflow URL:

Is copy - paste a bad practice? I would like to have images in the library to use multiple times.

Related to this: Is there also a way to access the asset manager for images when editing an item in a collection? Is the only option to upload a new image?

Thank you in advance for the insight.

UPDATE: This thread contains related info - Migrating from WordPress to Webflow - Media Files

Hi @ColleenBrady,
If your images are in the CMS, they will not be available in assets. They’re two different databases. And yes, you’ll need another ‘Image Field’ to use. Otherwise it will just exchange images for that specific field. I always add a couple of fields for this very reason. Because if you want to change, the photo is not in assets, and one field can only have that photo.

It’s actually a setup structure issue to iron out before designing. Do I use image fields or add to assets folder. I’ve gone back and forth on this. Ultimately it depends on how often you think the image field will change? If static, then use CMS, if not I’d probably add to assets and not a collection.

Copy/paste is not a bad practice if you need to.

Hope that helps a little more :slight_smile:

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@garymichael1313 - Yes, the feedback is helpful. I had assumed that they were all the same. Knowing that they are not is good information to have and will be useful moving forward. Thank you for your help!

No problem, see ya later!

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