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WordPress to Webflow: Gutenberg Code in CSV Export

I’ve been testing moving a WordPress site to Webflow. Parts of the process are going much more smoothly than anticipated. Images from custom posts auto imported into the rich text fields that I am using for my collections.

Before importing, I did not clean up my CSV to remove Gutenberg code assuming that I would clean it up as I went along and checked imported content. I’m pleasantly surprised to not see things like appearing in my text. Does anyone know if this might be a gotcha later on?

I am noticing that my embedded YouTube links are appearing as text only. Is this the expected behavior? (Minor for me, but surprised since the images came through without an issue)

Here is my public share link: LINK

Yes. You need to copy the links then add them back as media objects in the RTF.

Regarding Code. You can confirm it is gone totally by inspecting the code on a published page.

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Thank you @webdev. Easy way to confirm.