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Copy and paste bug

why wont webflow let me copy and paste anything? Someone help!

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What do you mean? Just tested and it works. Are you using keyboard hotkeys? Ctrl/Cmd+c then ctrl/cmd+v?

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Hey @Justin_Braun, there are no known current issues with copy and paste. Please let us know what you’re trying to do or if you’re still having issues. :slight_smile:

Hey man thanks for responding, I realize this is a stupid question but it really doesn’t work for me. If I right click on a section the copy and paste option is not highlighted for me to click. It just says, Copy? Paste? It could be because I’m using an older keyboard that doesn’t have hot keys setup on it?

You can use the shortcuts on the keyboard CMD + C to copy, CMD + V to paste. (*or Control on a PC)

The options in the context menu have been disabled for some time now, whilst we’re working on another feature. Hope that helps.

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